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Mountain Gorilla Trekking:

Getting to the gorillas takes more effort, more time and more expense than a traditional safari. But you know what they say: you get what you pay for.

The Mountain Gorilla Tracking-Experience.

At most 8 people are permitted on a tracking team because more would actually disturb the peace of the Gorilla group you're visiting. This additionally limits the exposure of Mountain Gorillas to illnesses transmitted by humans.

As you move through this forest keep your voices low, and silence could be better because otherwise you could miss-out on other wildlife and the profusion of birds in Bwindi or the Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

What you Pack in pack it all out. Don't leave anything like rubbish behind because it will spoil the environment for the next guests.

The Mountain Gorilla Tracking starts where the safari-guides last saw the Gorilla group the previous day and then track them up to their latest location given that they are always on the move.

Uganda's Tourist Centres:


Mt. Rwenzori National Park:

Birds, mountain climbing, trekking, wonderful and unique scenery for nature walks, luxuriant vegetation, hyrax, giant forest hog, blue monkey, unique bird species, and Pygmy villages.

Kibale Forest National Park:

Chimpanzee, monkeys, birds, nature walks.

Semliki National Park:

Elephant, buffalo, crocodile, chimpanzee, lion.

Mt. Elgon National Park:

Birds, elephant, primates, mountain climbing, hot springs, caves, and waterfalls.


Health & Safety Guidelines:

Keep together as a team when in their presence.

  • All Voices must be kept low rather better to keep silence.

          and actually just enjoy the moment in the presence            of the Mountain Gorillas.

  • Do not eat of food or take drinks while in their presence.
  • Flash photography is not allowed. Avoid several movements as you take pictures; keep it composed.
  • You are not allowed to touch or even attempt touching the Gorillas.
  • Maintain your voices low until you move out of the Mountain Gorillas' range.


Health GuideLines:

Because Mountain Gorillas are very closely related to humans, they are very vulnerable to contract diseases transmitted by humans.

In case you don't well, please alert the authorities and don't join the gorilla tracking group.


In the Presence of Mountain Gorillas

Maintain a distance of 5m which is approximately 15 ft from the fascinating Mountain Gorillas. That way you shield the mountain gorillas from and diseases plus illnesses transmitted by humans.